Isaiah 40: 11

"He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to
his heart; he gently leads those that have young."
Isaiah 40:11

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amazing Drain

For anyone who has ever bathed small children especially six of them you will understand this post. This remarkable drain has eased my life substantially. It seems like such a simple thing(probably not) but oh how my life would benefit from such a feature at home. No more bathroom puddles(or lakes) just down the drain it goes. That is my exciting news for the day. Pardon my focus on the mundane.=}

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weather and Nature

So, there was a typhoon off the coast of China yesterday. We here in Japan felt the effects. WOW it was windy. I have never seen wind like that before. When it rained it was completely sideways. Just a few pics of the kids getting blown around.

And look what decided to come out this morning. Mt. Fuji!!! I guess the storm blew away the clouds and haze long enough for a good peek.
These shots were taken from the top of our building on the 15th floor. Lovely view(if you stand back and hold tight to the railing!)
When Kent was here last time he never saw the mountain even when he made it to the summit! It was too foggy and rainy. So we thought it was fun to catch a glimpse.

5 Years Old

Joe was blessed with 2 birthday parties this year. The first took place in Tacoma before we left and would not have happened without Mom and Dad and Aunt Vee.

I can almost guarantee that 10 years ago before mom was even a grandmother that she would have ever imagined a need to make a Yoda cake. However now 8 grandson's(possibly 9) later her skills are coming in quite handy. Pretty Impressive!
Poor asthma boy had a rough time blowing out all 5 candles but it was accomplished eventually.
Fun gifts

Thank you Kamke's for this cool towel
All of this brought to you by this lovely lady

Our Japanese birthday was much less of an extravaganza especially as we were all feeling under the weather. But, here was the birthday boy requested chocolate chip scone breakfast.
After a downloaded sermon and some hymn singing(it was Sunday) we had some pizza(as requested) and blew out the candles.

Opened up gifts and then took a long nap!

Happy Birthday Joey we love you soo much!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Before I post about Joey's Birthday.....

First off, we are not feeling really great. Coughs, sniffy noses and such. However, we had to get Joseph some birthday presents. The catch was that the lovely little shuttle outside of our front door does not run on the weekends. That left us with the alternative you will see in the next few pictures.

Beginning our trek just outside of the building where we live.
Turning left to head down the long and steep staircase.
I was holding the baby in the carrier and Kent had the stroller which he had to carry down each step. Good times.
A little lookout at the bottom of the stairs.
Down a very steep hill.

Another fun sewer cap along the way.
Pretty cover
Still walking.....
And yep, we're still walking....
Almost to the train station
The back of the train station
Car elevator along the way
Ahh... we made it
The station
Kent trying to explain the crazy railway system to us
Waiting for our train

Somebody lost her first tooth.. sigh
Not our train
Here it is
All aboard

Off we go @ Yokosuka-chuo
Begin walking again
BIG and BUSY train station

Still a ways from the base
We made it! Womble gate in the distance. This base is unique in that it is shared by the Americans and the Japanese. We had a Japanese guard that let us on. I thought that was interesting.
On base
We decided to reward the kids for all that trekking with a game of bowling.
Eli Won!

After bowling we headed to the commisarry and the NEX for some groceries and presents. What we did not anticipate was the rain that began to pour down after our shopping was complete. Oh Dear. Kent thankfully decided to hail a cab(o.k. 2 cabs!). Which took us down to the train station. We were all still relatively dry at this point. Hopped on the train and then took the #20 bus as close as we could to the house. We grabbed everything(ie. groceries, birthday presents, strollers and babies) and made a run for it. Let's just say that after our 10 minute jog we were drenched! We all dripped our way inside and promptly filled both bathtubs to get every one warmed up while I cooked up some spaghetti. Whew. What a day. The rain was not real great for our already stuffy heads which resulted in our staying home from church Sunday. We partly made that decision because we would have to do that whole crazy trek all over again. So, the next time you hop in your car and zip off be thankful for your wheels! Next up. Birthday Pics.