Isaiah 40: 11

"He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to
his heart; he gently leads those that have young."
Isaiah 40:11

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flight and Recovery

O.K. so I had hoped to take more pictures but there came a point when exhaustion took over and I forgot that there were such things as cameras for a time. First adventure was getting all of that luggage to the airport which would not have been possible without the folks. We had a total of 21 various luggage items plus a stroller. What an adventure.
Just made it up the escalator and elevator.
Kent got tired of moving so slowly and created this luggage train. It came in quite handy!
Zeke was out for the count before the flight even took off.
Kent taking a turn walking sweet Naomi. We picked the last 2 rows of the aircraft. It was so nice to be able to stand in that little area by the bathrooms.
One of Naomi's three little mini naps. Thankfully there was extra space on the plane and they made space for us to have another seat. What a lifesaver.
Everything after the flight is rather blurry. We disembarked and traveled down what seemed to be miles of moving sidewalks. We made it quickly through customs and then headed down to retrieve our mountains of luggage. Thankfully luggage carts are free and large at Narita airport in Chiba. We loaded everything on 3 carts and they were wonderfully easy to push. We walked another distance to the DOD counter and confirmed our spot on the bus. The timing worked out beautifully. We were loading in half an hour and the guy in charge even pushed one of the luggage carts and helped us load everything. This was the most exciting part of the trip for Zeke as he had never been on a bus before. He just couldn't contain himself. I think he said bus a few hundred times before he collapsed from sheer exhaustion. The ride was almost 2 hours. It was one of those nice tourist coaches and even had a little bathroom in the back. Everyone zonked quickly except for me. I was surprisingly awake for 3 o'clock in the morning our time. I think it was because I was holding Naomi I was afraid if I fell asleep I would drop her. It was neat to be awake though. There were a lot of fabulous things to look at. Especially Tokyo at night it was just beautiful all lit up. I was thankful that Kent got some rest because he was re-energized for the last step. Some friends, Steve and Deb(she went to covenant college) he had met at church the last time he was in Japan had very kindly borrowed a van and met us on base. He is a Navy wrestler and had the luggage loaded up in about 2 seconds. By this time I was in a stupor and was not an ounce of help. We still had about an 18 minute drive before we were home. Deb had made us a plate full of Welcome to Japan brownies which kept the kids entertained for that last little jaunt. Kent and Steve unloaded everything in the middle of the floor and we collapsed into the nearest bed. Whew!
At 3 a.m. Japanese time we heard the first pitter-patter of feet. It was Zeke. It was 11 a.m. his time. Soon after that everyone was up and at 'um. So we got to work. Started putting everything away Kent headed to work and by about 9 a.m we had a spot for all of our stuff.
We then had lunch and took a loooonnngg nap:

Gideon was the first up and was really anxious to try the new washer and dryer. I told him to go for it.
So, we are safe and sound. Still tired but will look forward to giving you lots of fun updates. Like about our trip to the Japanese supermarket last night. Fun times.......


  1. Thanks for the pictures! So glad you had a smooth trip over. Not sure what your weather is like over there, but the rain came about a day after you left. You know it will still be here when you get back, so your not missing out at all.

  2. Love the updates!! Keep them coming as you can!

  3. So glad you made it with out event! Keep the updates coming!

  4. What a trip! The Narita airport is nice, right? I loved those carts. I pray that you settle in well and cannot wait to hear (and see) more adventures as you have them. God bless!!

  5. What an adventure! This is really going to be such fun memories for the whole family. What a great opportunity!